Hyūga Clan
Hyūga Symbol
Kanji 日向一族
Rōmaji Hyūga Ichizoku
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Kekkei Genkai Byakugan Symbol Byakugan
Known Members

The Hyūga Clan (日向一族, Hyūga Ichizoku) is one of the four clans of Konohagakure. All members born into this clan possess the Byakugan, a kekkei genkai that gives them extended fields of vision and the ability to see through solid objects and even the chakra circulatory system, amongst other things.


The Hyūga are renowned for possessing the Byakugan (白眼, Literally meaning: White Eye), a kekkei genkai known its great visual prowess that it grants its wielder. The main ability of the Byakugan is that it gives the user a near 360º field. The second ability is being able to see through solid objects, and can use a degree of telescopic sight. The third and one of the greatest uses of the Byakugan is the ability to see chakra, its flow, as well as the chakra circulation system inside the body with great detail.

With the Byakugan, Hyūga clan members are taught the Gentle Fist fighting style, which uses the Byakugan to view the opponent's Chakra Pathway System and deal precise blows to block the opponents chakra.