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"Konoha!" (木ノ葉!, Konoha!) is chapter 5 of the Sasuke Uchiha's Sharingan Legend manga.


While standing on top of a building and gazing over Konohagakure, Sasuke runs into his former comrades who mistakenly congratulates Sasuke on his return back to the village. Later, Sasuke is in his room but with Naruto and Sakura intruding. Sasuke then pulls out the forbidden scroll of the Uchiha Clan, but when Sakura opens it, it is revealed to be Naruto's scroll containing the Sexy Technique. He then runs into Shikamaru Nara, a shinobi with an IQ of 200. Sasuke attempts to uncover his secret by copying him with his Sharingan. Naruto and Sakura then comes across Sasuke imitating Shikamaru relaxing. Sasuke then reunites with Chōji, Shikamaru's partner. After an eating contest, Sasuke is shocked to see that he wasn't much of a challenge for the big eater. Sasuke then encounters Tenten and Lee. Sasuke faces off Lee in hand-to-hand combat but is overwhelmed by his power. As Lee continues to explain his believes to Sasuke, Lee expresses his anger when Sasuke replaces him as the main character of the spin-off. After this event, Sasuke meets Neji Hyūga, a prodigy of the Hyūga Clan. The two geniuses starts to have a duel to see which dōjutsu is the strongest by measuring Tsunade's breast size. Ino Yamanaka, a kunoichi who has a crush on Sasuke, is eavesdropping on the young Uchiha and her team-mate's discussion. Thinking that Sasuke is talking about what type of girl he likes, Ino makes her appearance with all of the things he likes, however the discussion was about what kind of robots they like. Later, Hinata Hyūga, a member of the Hyūga Clan who has a crush on Naruto, is seen stalking Naruto. After coming up with an idea of transforming into Sasuke to get close to him, Hinata ends up acting completely different from Sasuke and makes Naruto feel uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Sasuke is asked by Kiba Inuzuka, a member of the Inuzuka Clan, to walk his dog, Akamaru, which he found infuriating. After hanging around his former colleagues, Sasuke goes back to his room and finds a cockroach. As he tries to kill it, Shino Aburame, a member of the Aburame Clan, enters Sasuke's room with a few bugs which makes Sasuke complains. Finally, Sasuke plays a game of kick the can with the Konoha 11. Shikamaru formulates a plan to attack him together, however Sasuke manages to use genjutsu to fool them. Seeing as he is the only one left, Naruto is given aid by the Nine-Tails, makes a full transformation and attacks Sasuke. As Sasuke is about to depart, he is stopped by Sakura. Knowing that she would try to stop him, he tries to use the Uchiha clan's genjutsu technique from the scroll. However, the jutsu that he used was from Naruto's scroll which proved effective on Sakura. Sasuke then vowed to get back at Naruto.